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Chris’ blog – Monday Gives Way to a Midweek Mystery



Mondays occasionally can be a little impaired by the residues of the weekend!

But this Monday we rattled along. The 8am team meeting identified a few current issues and planned the day ahead. Good weather combined with a full house saw everyone in the veg garden, spreading manure and weeding for the first couple of hours.

Tea break finished and the wood workshop started producing bird boxes (for sale), Art dept. working on a life size sculpture (priceless), market gardeners cropping salad and planting (future sales).

Soup for lunch, then for some a counselling session, others sorting impossible problems with the benefits agency. Me trying to catch up on reports.


The whole day ran completely to plan apart from the last 45mins.

Outside the entrance gate were three visitors asking about wood products, just as a very disturbed man (one of ours) let himself in, possibly suicidal, hoping to be arrested for his own safety.

Then it momentarily all got a bit tricky, wood orders were being negotiated, distressed man just disappeared, workshop tidied but generating dust, police arrived asking questions, my phone was going constantly and to top it all the office answer phone was busy recording a message from somebody with a strong Irish accent, talking about, well I’m not sure what!


There is a healthy (I hope) air of competition between the wood workers and the market gardeners. The next financial year approaches, bringing new targets and budgets, the jockeys and riders are already jostling at the monetary start-line, with 5 (long!) weeks to the off!

Busy day, loads going on… We are prepping a long wooden serving counter for the new Dartington Café, spreading more compost, and Transformation Man, a life size sculpture is approaching completion.

Our visitor today (we encourage a lunch guest most days) is from the Police and Crime Commissioner and seems impressed with LandWorks.

The Wednesday criminology class meets early pm and it’s proving to be a remarkable forum for discussion, on guess what? Crime, a much-favoured subject.

The mystery Irishman books in for a cup of tea, tomorrow and…. To be continued…