Counselling at LandWorks

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    LandWorks Celebrates Four Transformational Years

    Annual Supporters Day raises over £7K as project leader commits to 5 more years. LandWorks, the pioneering prisoner resettlement scheme, welcomed over 180 supporters to its Annual Open Day on August 18 to celebrate another remarkable year of…

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    Chris’ Blog

    Chris’ blog – Monday Gives Way to a Midweek Mystery Hello Monday Mondays occasionally can be a little impaired by the residues of the weekend! But this Monday we rattled along. The 8am team meeting identified…

  3. Guest blog: Snakes and Ladders

    Involved with LandWorks from the beginning, Det Sergeant Anya Teakle offers an honest and compelling perspective on rehabilitation from the ‘other side’ of the fence, persuading you to answer some tricky questions.

  4. Chris’s blog: Wayward lad

    Chat about physical aches and pains is matter-of-course at LandWorks but, as Chris reveals, when it comes to mental health it’s a bit of a conversational dead-end…

  5. Chris’s blog: DIY Bob

    The mobile is indicating a problem: it’s just gone 5am and the number of missed calls and texts suggests a night crisis has happened. Cue Chris Parsons (aka DIY Bob) to the rescue!

  6. Chris’s blog: Rocky II

    A LandWorks trainee has developed a deep attachment to a stray dog. There are two problems: the trainee is homeless, and the dog looks oddly familiar…

  7. Chris’s blog: Tuesday’s child is covered in scars

    When it comes to dedicated counselling time, Chris believed that it might be a step too far for LandWorks – but an amazing new partnership has the potential to change everything.

  8. Chris’s blog: Breakin’ rocks in the hot sun

    Taking flight: As Chris and the trainees are at work in the field, disaster strikes.

  9. Chris’s blog: A question of trust

    Hello “Chris, mate – they’re called your ‘core issues’. Sounds like you’ve got one…” Well, (surprisingly) it’s not raining and I’m busy working with one of our new trainees. We’ve been chatting easily together, working, swapping…