Join a Lunch

Lunch is a big part of an average day at LandWorks, providing an opportunity for the trainees to develop key skills and for the whole team to spend time together.

It’s a time for listening, talking, building confidence and growing self-esteem. Trainees take responsibility for preparing the food and the eating area, and for clearing up afterwards. For many trainees, the communal eating experience isn’t a familiar process – and getting used to preparing and enjoying food and drink with others has immeasurable benefits to social development and personal confidence.

Lunch isn’t just for the trainees – everyone is welcome. If you are interested in booking to join a lunch with us, please email indicating your availability on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. These lunches can be in high demand, so it is best to give us dates around 6-8 weeks away. It would be great if you can let us know about any dietary requirements you have as well. Thank you.

“I’ve been cooking. I’ve been doing lots of different things. I’ve cooked things I never thought I’d cook before in my life and I’ve started to learn an attitude for cooking now. I’m the main cook at home now. My mum’s partner likes my cooking as well. That’s a bonus…”


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