Sometimes you never quite know what’s coming, just a sense something is.

These days I’m better at spotting the telltales, like a sail cracking as the breeze picks up, you know its going to blow, just not always sure quite what….

Man walking through field“Chris mate look at me, look at these f*&king scars, I hate myself. I f*&king truly hate myself”. The stumbling explanation comes; we are both going to a dark place, so awful that I feel numb; perhaps that’s my own defence mechanism.

The thing is I don’t really know what to do, another mechanism kicks in, I just hold him, while tears flow and his body shakes.

A few years ago when I was dreaming about how LandWorks would come together, I happily imagined a Tuesday afternoon set aside for counseling; a bit of chat about some personal issue or other and a nice cup of tea.

Then for a while I gave up the idea of dedicated counseling time, the need too random, timing unpredictable. We all thought on it, talked to people, listened to advice and then: Relate. Brilliantly their counselling now looks at every relationship in life…including the one with yourself!

“This goes much further, helping us deal with situations as they arise and knowing that we are all supported”

The fit is glove-like! They already work with prisons and together we can offer practical through-the-gate support to men before, during, and after release…when they need it.

With Relate’s guidance we are designing an approach that can provide support on a dedicated day…well yes, Tuesday is still a possibility! This goes much further, helping us deal with situations as they arise and knowing that we are all supported.

Just one problem…money.

I know, I know, same old. Well maybe not quite; this would be a different way of supporting the project by directly sponsoring a counsellor. If you would like to help, please click here. Every little bit you give really will make a difference.


P.S. Mr Scars is not so bad and I am getting better at hugging but all of us are looking forward to the first possible Tuesday.