Making a single or regular financial donation to the project is one of the key ways that you can support LandWorks and help break the cycle of reoffending.

Click here to donate – how much doesn’t matter; a little can go a long way at LandWorks.

     £10 could pay for five packets of seeds for sowing in the market garden

     £20 could pay for a new handsaw for trainees to use in our wood workshop

     £40 could pay for a 1:1 professional counselling session for one of our trainees

     £60 – or £5 a month could pay for a prison release kit providing essential food and toiletries for a trainee leaving prison

     £100 could pay for a full set of LandWorks clothing and boots for a new trainee

     £150 could pay for the full costs of a day at LandWorks for an individual trainee

We use the brilliant Total Giving to process our donations – a philanthropic company who purely support charities.

5106 - Prisoner Training & Placements