Carpentry and construction

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    Plenty of fish

    Hello This week we have mostly been building…a rectangular open box, with no obvious way out and not a lot to do inside (so basically a jail, in my opinion). It is in fact a new…

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    James’ Story: “We’ve just started a criminology class…”

    Hello Over the last 6 months the PeN project has been capturing peoples stories at LandWorks (no stopping it now). Publishing one every week. The blogs are simply the transcripts of their own words recorded while…

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    Chris’ Blog

    Chris’ blog – Monday Gives Way to a Midweek Mystery Hello Monday Mondays occasionally can be a little impaired by the residues of the weekend! But this Monday we rattled along. The 8am team meeting identified…

  4. Chris’ Blog – Hammer Time

    Hello Hammers! Now here is a thing to be writing about. Such a simple tool, used for millions of years and so easy to misplace (a personal note). “Phwoooaarr this hammer is a bit tasty.” Vince…

  5. candle holders rodney small 1024x768 - Prisoner Training & Placements
    Rodney: no pressure

    The latest from LandWorks trainee Rodney: No Pressure – via the PeN Project

  6. Chris’s blog: Mrs Trellis

    In Chris’s latest blog, he is indebted to a Mrs Trellis from Torquay who had some useful thoughts about LandWorks – and a pertinent question about the ‘looming structure’ in Quarry Field…

  7. Trainee blog: Sam’s Story

    LandWorks is an independent charity providing a supported route back into the community for current and ex-prisoners.

  8. Sarah’s blog: Update from the Cob Wall, Feb 16

    An update on the land art sculpture being created by the trainees with artist-in-residence Sarah Jane Hodge, and how you can support future projects at LandWorks.

  9. Chris’s blog: Zen and the art of the picnic bench

    The LandWorks picnic bench production line is taking off – fancy some new patio furniture?

  10. Chris’s blog: A powerful Symbol

    Hunched and looming out of the morning mist, the astonishing ‘Symbol’ scultpure at LandWorks has a powerful effect on those arriving from prison.

  11. Chris’s blog: Good days and exhausting days

    Some days are better than others – and working with men who are often ex-addicts brings its own peculiar difficulties.