This week I am indebted to a Mrs Trellis from Torquay who writes…

“In your recent missive you suggest that if a ‘couple of quid’ were forthcoming every time a visitor commented on how ‘normal’ your men are then all your funding worries would be over. Well, Mr Parsons you simply cannot rely on the possibility of impromptu donations; you need regular monthly contributions!”

Mrs Trellis makes a valid point; funding indeed does need to be more than a couple of quid per comment about a prisoner.

The Trellis’s press on; jointly asking the question… “By the way what is that large wooden structure looming out from Quarry Field?”

Cob Wall

Cob Wall

I am sure the Trellis family are not alone in being curious, as they approach Quarry Field to buy fresh cut salad and veg from our stall (worth a visit, delicious and great value).

This complex, beautiful and engineered wooden structure supports an oval roof, which in turn shields a curved cob wall beneath. This is the idea and art project of Sarah Jane Hodge; an ingenious way to display a timeline representing LandWorks and those involved.

Sarah would say this is ‘socially engaged art’, enticing folk who have felt alienated from such forms of expression and excluded from ‘Art’. This sculpture draws people to it, certainly inclusive.

In so many ways… People creating this work of art have chatted, talked and argued. With confessions and emotions being as commonplace as laughter. Discovering new skills and finding a place that allows them to reflect on their own situation.

Already I sense a response from Mrs Trellis…

“Is this art? Surely you mean craft?” Well! There’s a debate, perhaps for another day.

And that day could be Friday the 27th of May. Why not come between 2pm and 4pm, meet Sarah, the LandWorks team, the cob wall itself and the Trellis’s (Yes, I’ve invited them).

So, that’s Friday 27th May at 2-4pm. Please let us know if you would like to attend the opening event, an informal drop in afternoon.

Finally Mrs T would not forgive me if I didn’t mention her idea…Like all great ideas, simple and straightforward!

“Chris gently suggest to every supporter that they consider making regular monthly contributions. Mr Trellis and I intend to do so as soon as you are a charity in May.”

You up for that in May, when we are an independent charity?