Activities at LandWorks

  1. ernie prison van driver outside website 1024x769 - Prisoner Training & Placements
    Mr Bassett the Prison Driver

    Hello I thought you would be interested in an extract from a recent PeN interview. A reflection from Ernie, who does the prison run twice a day. Taking our van to collect and return HMP prisoners…

  2. Eating together at LandWorks.
    Nigella’s puddings

    Hello We have an old ship’s bell hanging in the yard. Daily it is clanged to summon us, gather us together for lunch, usually about one o’clock. On a quiet day we will be around 12…

  3. walking example06 1024x562 - Prisoner Training & Placements
    Providing it’s legal…

    Hello The New Year often brings a flurry of new ideas and a rejuvenated enthusiasm. A helpful balance to the difficulties and frustrations others have experienced over the Christmas period. “Alright Chris I got this amazing idea, I’ve…

  4. landworks - Prisoner Training & Placements
    The LandWorks Charity Christmas Quiz 2017

    ******* CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS YEAR’S QUIZ  ******* A huge thank you to all who took part in the 2016 Quiz last year, the total amount raised reached £1140. We want to beat that this year, with a target…

  5. PeN Project - A Window Into LandWorks
    Can You Hear Me?

    Hello It’s June 2007 (life before LandWorks), Blair is about to finally leave No.10 and Gareth Jones is released from HMP Channings Wood after a 3-year stretch. Hot, sunny, and day two of his release. Gareth…

  6. finished worktop 7 small 768x1024 - Prisoner Training & Placements
    James’ Story: “We’ve just started a criminology class…”

    Hello Over the last 6 months the PeN project has been capturing peoples stories at LandWorks (no stopping it now). Publishing one every week. The blogs are simply the transcripts of their own words recorded while…

  7. landworks - Prisoner Training & Placements
    Chris’ Blog

    Chris’ blog – Monday Gives Way to a Midweek Mystery Hello Monday Mondays occasionally can be a little impaired by the residues of the weekend! But this Monday we rattled along. The 8am team meeting identified…

  8. landworks - Prisoner Training & Placements
    Chris’ Blog – News

    An insight into a day at LandWorks via Project Manager Chris Parsons’ fortnightly blog. This week answers a few frequently asked questions about the LandWorks charity.

  9. Chris’ Blog – Hammer Time

    Hello Hammers! Now here is a thing to be writing about. Such a simple tool, used for millions of years and so easy to misplace (a personal note). “Phwoooaarr this hammer is a bit tasty.” Vince…

  10. Trainee blog: Sam’s Story

    LandWorks is an independent charity providing a supported route back into the community for current and ex-prisoners.

  11. Chris’s blog: Negative equity

    “Start with I thought LandWorks was weird, proper weird. It’s still a bit odd, Chris.” …he sniffs, scrunching a fag end between his fingers. “You’re a bit posh, I’m more council house me, you like them…

  12. Guest blog: A fork in the road

    ‘When you come to a fork in the road, take it.’
    That’s the mantra of Sue Mahon, LandWorks cook and confidante extraordinaire. She tells us about the journey that brought her to LandWorks.

  13. Sarah’s blog: Update from the Cob Wall, Feb 16

    An update on the land art sculpture being created by the trainees with artist-in-residence Sarah Jane Hodge, and how you can support future projects at LandWorks.

  14. Chris’s blog: The baby cheeses

    As Christmas approaches, Chris is struck once again by the power of faith – and realises the LandWorks library is missing a rather key tome…

  15. Chris’s blog: Oh, dearie me

    In this week’s LandWorks blog, a comment from one of the trainees leaves Project Manager Chris Parsons reeling…