landworks - Prisoner Training & Placements


Friday evening saw the arrival of two lads down from Scotland to watch the football and escape the heat wave in the North! (You can’t make these sort of things up)

As an aside they were here to investigate just what goes on at LandWorks. Both are regular readers of this publication (aged 16, possibly our youngest readers?) and they wanted to know more.

And so began a protracted inquisition. Answers below…

We agreed that plastic pollution and recycling is a very serious matter and I pointed out many of our customers return their poly veg bags to us.

In answer to another question, 6% of all placements at LandWorks have been Scots.
No, it’s not all men here; so far four women trainees.

LandWorks is proud to support LGBTQ rights. There have been two gay men and recently a referral for an offender who just happens to be transitioning.

Interestingly, we have had a referral for two brothers to come here together on placement but no referrals for twins.

Yes, mostly we are all supporting England in the World Cup. So, no rivalry issues…

The only football trouble has been from our fraudsters, who annoyingly keep trying to cheat in our ‘predict the score’ competition.

I agreed that, in essence, LandWorks is a number of small commercial enterprises that require meaningful input from our placements and provide them with work experience, training and resettlement support.

Yes, I have felt frightened on a couple of occasions and have experienced being threatened by a drug dealer.

And so, to drugs. Yes, I suspect in the future cannabis will be legalised, the strength displayed on the packet and tax duly paid to the government.

However, I am not certain about legalising other drugs, and alcohol can be just as detrimental. Daily we see lives falling apart with substance misuse. Addiction so often masks people’s underlying issues.

I wonder if the question is more, what causes people to misuse drugs and how do we help?

So, whether banned or legalised, we need to look at addiction in a different light. Prison in its current state is not the right environment to tackle drug problems.

The most common offender name so far is Bob (no relation to Charlton), with Steve and Mark at joint second. And no, we have not had anybody called Angus or Max.

So far.