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The New Year often brings a flurry of new ideas and a rejuvenated enthusiasm.

A helpful balance to the difficulties and frustrations others have experienced over the Christmas period.

“Alright Chris I got this amazing idea, I’ve been thinking about it every day, 24/7 since Christmas, you’ll love it.”

I’m sure I will, but we’ve only been open a few minutes…

We like an idea at LandWorks. We love a project, learn by doing, encourage responsibility and providing its legal, we do our best to support it.

“All I need, is a branch and maybe some twigs.”

Hmmm, this does sounds relatively straightforward, which is fortunate because we’re just a tad busy…

A bit short staffed, first day back, rather a lot going on… Everything seemingly needs to be dealt with now and ohhh here’s the postie, laden down with Christmas quizzes to be marked (remember to get yours sent in).

I give Eric the go ahead to begin brushwood foraging, at the same time I’m trying to work out why the kettle isn’t working.

“I’ll get the chainsaw.”

What! … No no no. No chainsaws, “Just use a hand saw!” I shout, whist grabbing my buzzing mobile. Who says men can’t multitask?

Surprisingly (it’s only 8.50am) a visitor appears at the door!

Our caller would like to sponsor Tony Everett’s walk across South America. Tony is undertaking an amazing challenge, plus raising money for LandWorks. Like I say we love to support an idea. Tony sets off on February 14thso please do sponsor him here.

Sarah calmly sorts out the sponsorship request and quizzes. Martin, magically produces boiling water by simply pushing a plug into a socket. Monika disappears with a team of men to shift compost onto the veg beds.

Probably best if I just show our visitor around LandWorks.

I open the door to find Eric resplendent in orange protective clothing.

“Alright Chris, where’s the chainsaw?”

I vaguely wonder if Tony would like some company.