Cost-effective rehabilitation

  1. landworks - Prisoner Training & Placements
    Chris’ Blog – News

    An insight into a day at LandWorks via Project Manager Chris Parsons’ fortnightly blog. This week answers a few frequently asked questions about the LandWorks charity.

  2. Chris’ Blog – Happy New Year

    Hello Happy New Year. I wondered if you have made any New Year’s resolutions or maybe you are looking for something…. Well our match funding offer is staying open for another few days until midnight on…

  3. Chris’ Blog – Dear Mum

    Dear Mum I am so glad you are coming to the Supporters’ Day today. There is a lot to show you; it’s been a busy year and the lads are rightly proud of their achievements. We’ve…

  4. Chris’s blog: One potato, two potato…

    When Chris admit to the trainees that savings need to be made at LandWorks, advice to ‘deny everything’ to ‘the beak’ isn’t quite what he was expecting.

  5. Guest blog: Snakes and Ladders

    Involved with LandWorks from the beginning, Det Sergeant Anya Teakle offers an honest and compelling perspective on rehabilitation from the ‘other side’ of the fence, persuading you to answer some tricky questions.

  6. Volunteer blog: LandWorks, two years on

    LandWorks began in July 2013, with an overgrown quarry site and a huge amount of hope. New volunteer Gill looks back and summarises the first two years.

  7. Chris’s blog: Could you survive on £3.35 a day?

    In this week’s LandWorks blog, Chris asks: could you survive on £3.35 a day?

  8. Chris’s blog: Putting a price on cultural capital

    Chris takes a moment to discuss the practical realities of financing LandWorks – and how you can help.