Totnes MP Sarah Wollaston visits LandWorks Charity


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Traditionally our busiest day, but unhelpfully today it’s wet, very wet. So, indoor jobs are at a premium.

The polytunnels offer a horticultural shelter from the deluge. Other days they provide a different sanctuary, a place to chill out, a getaway from the madding crowd… At closing time last Friday I thought I had lost someone, only to discover after a frantic search, I had locked him in the polytunnel!

The lunch cooking is underway and mouth-watering smells filter into the workshop via our home-made heating system… A fan sucks hot air from the heated building and blows it into the un-heated workshop; Devonshire engineering at its best.

Cooking food and eating together is so basic, a complete leveller, it’s community and at its best provides an arena for the manifestation of change, an essential ingredient for rehabilitation.

Excitement is building, 4pm cup of tea approaches, as does our mystery man from the Emerald Isle…. Actually, he’s not Irish at all, but ‘bejesus’ he loves a practical joke! He was at LandWorks 3 years ago, today bringing his girlfriend out to see the project, the only thing he feels proud of! Well maybe LandWorks and his ‘Terry Wogan’ impersonation.


Carrie has joined us this week, just released from prison and she is clearly getting a lot from LandWorks, you can tell, everyone likes having her here.

We have visitors booked in late morning and they need a tour of the site, meeting everyone as we go around. I often wonder quite what expectations people arrive with. Whatever concerns they have, soon fade, when they see what’s achieved here.

Our local MP, Dr Sarah Wollaston joins us for lunch, she has been a supporter from the start and is incredibly good at just making everyone feel at ease, keen to understand problems and help.

A hard week is grinding to a conclusion, we have a remarkable team here and sometimes the going is tough, you must grab the good stuff as it happens…

A letter arrived today, describing the writer’s life since leaving LandWorks, he has a full-time job, married and with a baby on the way. He reminds us that two years ago, he was in prison, with no hope and only cared for drugs.

He writes to “tell others to stick at it because it’s a great opportunity that will help. Plus, the food is great”.

Good note to finish the week on.