Direct from the latest list of LandWorks ‘top ten questions’, in at number one is…

…cue appropriately long pause…

LandWorks Gloves

LandWorks Gloves

“Does this really work?”, closely followed by: “could I make a regular donation?”

Er, the answer to both is…yes (wild cheering noise).

Okay, you’re right, nothing is that straightforward (apart from our new donation system, which actually is really easy).

I am sure you will have picked up from my previous writing that for those trying to change their behaviour and lifestyle, it is not a straight line. On the way there are many blips, hurdles and other metaphors to overcome, but it can be done.

Over the last year we have proven good steady progress; men and their families are telling us they are now in a much better situation.

“Turning an unproductive existence, slowly, into a life with a future – becoming part of the community and learning to have hope”

LandWorks offers a direct chance to reach out to some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised in society. A straightforward approach, offering positive support and encouraging people to make amends.

Turning an unproductive existence, slowly into a life with a future – becoming part of the community and learning to have hope.

As you know, LandWorks runs on an absolute shoestring. We have the determination and will but money is vital to keep us going. It lets us:

  • Provide lunch for men to experience eating communally
  • Buy materials (e.g. sand and cement) that enable us to create a real work experience
  • Buy equipment which we use to cut the wood to build the benches, which we sell to raise the money that can fund another trainee
  • Create the environment for people to look at themselves and take faltering first steps to responsibility
  • Expand a place where estranged families can reunite and start out again

I do believe financial capital can support people with little, to help them build social and cultural capital. It allows LandWorks to exist.

There are many ways to support us. People have previously donated plants, hens, crockery and they have given time. Financially, people give regularly from £20 a month to singular small and large donations – all essential, all greatly appreciated and all going directly to support people sorting their lives out.

So, whether you wish to give monthly or a one-off donation, you can be involved and you can make a difference. Just click here

Thank you