Dancing May 2021 1024x578 - Prisoner Training & Placements


Great to see you, thanks for coming and welcome to the LandWorks Nightclub (you’re right it doesn’t exist, just in my head, it helps).

So, come on in… I’ll take your coat and you sign in at the desk. Shouldn’t take too long, bit of health and safety, safeguarding procedures, criminal record check, reference checks, mental health awareness, allergies, meds and then sign up to a list of fairly strict rules.

Great, all done? No, it’s not a bondage event. You just feel a bit restrained by all the regulation. You’ll get used to it and, I hope, realise dancing here is safer for it.

Yes, do be careful, it’s a bit dark in this area. The day release prisoners usually dance over here… very slowly and pretty much to the same steady beat, repeatedly.

Ohh, don’t step on the carpet there, it’s a little sticky from the ‘systemic treacle’ (homemade analogy) they wade about in. Stops them doing anything much in prison and eliminates all personal responsibility and remarkably difficult to remove!

Normally there is also quite a clanking noise around here (not for the last year, as day release from prison has been halted due to the pandemic) as we help the guys take off their emotional armour and dance more freely, if still a little slowly.

Okay, let’s go next door…

Well, yeah, I agree, Wow indeed! It’s pretty full on in here.

This is where the community placements hang out. Crazy dancing, high speed and full-on. Look out… sometimes the emotional armour just spins off in here, like exploding ordnance.

Exhilarating but exhausting.

Down here is a chill out area. What goes up must come down and the intensity of all their problems of just trying to live is plain to see here. Often the day release prisoners are attracted to this area, good for them to be reminded just how complicated life back in the community can be.

Then through here is one of my favorite areas…

It’s the departures zone, just nobody really leaves and in fact they regularly come back to dance in this area. Showing off new moves and encouraging others onto the dance floor.

We even have a family section; proud parents bring their families back just to be here…


Because people feel part of LandWorks and because it’s safe.


27th May 2021