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Mostly this week we have been…

Well, getting a little concerned about a vole or a mole or possibly a clan of shrews, either way, somebody’s being a right nuisance under the spring onions, not eating them, just burrowing beneath and unsettling them.

Two new members of staff have been settling in this week. This can be a tricky process because we are ‘live’; in that, we have trainees here every day, with all that they bring and so we don’t stop for training days. Inductions just have to be fitted in around daily stuff.

We squeeze work into what can feel like simply short moments between breaks and eating. But these breaks are key parts of the day and are just as important as a session in the market garden hunting down small furry creatures or building vast numbers of picnic benches in the workshop. I actually think it is during these sit-down times when we often do our best work, being social.

For example, this Wednesday an impromptu men’s (although I must say, mainly us over 50s) medical clinic just started up. Expertly guided by a volunteer cook (yes, I was also a little surprised) who it transpired has considerable medical knowledge (thankfully). And we were soon engrossed in tales of finding the prostate, terminal urine (not quite as serious as first thought), and people asking a whole series of normally quite awkward questions, although often through the medium of “a good friend of mine…”

A timely toot of a steam whistle (far off down by the River Dart) seemed to bring matters to a conclusion. The local steam train appears to have started running again (post-COVID).

From time to time we often have our own troublesome trucks (Thomas the tank engine stories) here. People in recovery, they may well be doing very well, but bloody hell they can be lost in a world of narcissism… seemingly blissfully unaware of upsetting folks around them.

Not unlike our gang of furry thugs who are vandalizing the spring onion patch and equally upsetting folk.

Interesting, that as a team we are generally a group of kindly compassionate souls, who can deal with the most difficult of people (well to a point). But without a great deal of provocation it appears, we would happily ‘whack a mole’ who I guess is probably just lost in its own world of ‘Moley’ narcissism and upsetting some onions without realising. Needless to say, we haven’t whacked anyone, furry or otherwise, Moley just moved on.

And, just for clarity, I’m certainly not encouraging our new Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, Dominic Raab MP that resettlement should involve any whacking of any kind. His boss has already mentioned ‘whacking moles’ in another context!


30th September 2021