Gate - Prisoner Training & Placements


This week, voices from beyond the LandWorks gate.

Monday AM: “Chris, it’s Seamus here…”

Err no it’s not, great accent, but it’s Paul (LandWorks 2014). Just checking in, as he often does using a different persona! Just keeping me on my toes. He’s not been too well recently and wants to reassure us that he is okay. I’m not sure he is.

Text message from Harry (LW 2018/19), he’s sent a photo of a new ride-on mower. His gardening business is expanding rapidly and he’s looking to employ a new person… Do we have anyone work ready?

Message from Derek (LW 2016), he’s struggling to get a CSCS card renewed (a gateway to construction jobs). Can we help? Yes, we can, and we signpost him to a training centre in Plymouth.

The British Academy funded Plymouth Uni research into our long-term support is coming to an end… Early indications suggest that it is our one-to-one connection that is so important and not so much regular contact but the assurance that we are here, if needed. Knowing somebody cares. Full findings to be published by July this year.

Darryl (2016) is bringing his new NHS Reconnect colleague to visit LandWorks. He shows her around the project and they stay for lunch. Darryl has been working for the NHS as a peer mentor (lived experience) since 2021.

Ed (2015) bit down, broken up with girlfriend, comes to lunch to touch base. Graham’s really lovely to him, tells him it will be okay.

Aaron (2019) calls to wish us a belated happy new year, got his motor bike and he’s working with a small engineering firm.

Gary (2017) has thrown a load more pots for our shop, he’s delivering at the end of the month.

Josh (2020) is very sorry for himself, drinking is slowly taking him down. He’s staying out of trouble but may not be at his lowest point yet. Not much we can do but to be available, listen and reflect back to him that these are not his best choices. I get him to call in for a cuppa.

Tommy (2015) is bringing his wife and two young children to visit on Friday afternoon. A great moment, a really brilliant moment. Tommy is doing so well, a massive life turnaround and his employer wonders if we have anyone work ready?

Rob (2013) phones early doors, 6.35am, usually wants to moan at me about the difficulties of his life… but today he thought he would ask how I was… I ask if he’s feeling okay?

Friday PM: It’s a Mr. Mulligan on the phone (Paul 2014). He’s back in hospital. We end up discussing our annual supporters’ day for later this year. He has a plan, for us to sell LandWorks hats to supporters to raise funds, and then generously reward volunteers with a hat, to say thank you. I agree, why not, if it helps keep Mulligan going, why not.

Currently we are in contact with over 100 people who have graduated from a placement at LandWorks. This long-term contact is starting to be recognised as significant in supporting successful resettlement.


24th February 2022