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As news feeds from around the world deliver ever more depressing bulletins, there is one bright note singing out….

  • Its source – The LandWorks Wood Workshop.
  • The crooner – Graham.
  • The reason – He loves (loves) Christmas, so much so that Christmas songs started around August!

Graham and his merry band of helpers have been tip taping away for weeks producing a magnificent array of Christmas gifts. Now all for sale at the LandWorks Christmas emporium.

We have everything for the perfect Christmas.

  • From tree decorations to Christmas cards
  • Reindeer (wood not real ones) to wooden trees
  • Pottery, chopping boards and beautiful wooden bowls
  • Small wooden Santa’s to large ones
  • And this year’s must-have Christmas present, our book Acceptance (also available online)

All made here, with pride and love.

Every item that we sell goes back into funding LandWorks, which is very important, but the most significant part is the sense of satisfaction all the Christmas helpers at LandWorks get from being part of this huge effort.

So, please do come and support us, you will genuinely be delighted at the gifts available, and I for my part will try and restrict Graham’s regaling to the workshop!

Look forward to seeing you at our Christmas shop.


9th November 2023