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It’s a perfectly normal day.

Apart from a slight kerfuffle early in the polytunnel, when a man emerges proudly holding two dead mice aloft. Yes, it is an exhibition of his primeval prowess, but also allows newly sown seeds to germinate, it’s a balance!

I’m excited, a new man is joining us today, so quite keen to keep everything low key, no great shocks, just settle him in.

It is going to be a perfectly normal day.

Another man has got a touch of toothache, hmm well, it’s perhaps a bit more than a touch. Helpfully he is being prescribed some clove oil by a few keen (but in my view completely unqualified) dental experts…

New man arriving, I leave experts to it, although I doubt we actually have any clove oil, whole cloves maybe, should have offered a painkiller. Never mind, Tom Newbie is here and looking a little worried.

I really do want this to be a perfectly normal day.

Thelma our erstwhile hen has taken an interest in Tom’s rather expensive looking white trainers. They obviously look delicious to a hen and oh dear! Tom has just stepped in a messy Thelma deposit, unhelpfully left on the path. I suggest we go inside to find some boots.

Just as I am proudly announcing that we are about to enter the building built by trainees at LandWorks… the door explodes open, a man gagging and spitting out bits of woody stem rushes past us, leaving us bathed in spittle and a strong odour of cloves.

I had hoped that this could just be a normal day.

It’s 3pm and an early tea break, we are gathered outside, sitting around a wireless set… it’s all a bit ‘Listen with Mother’, as the tea is poured the BBC announcer informs us that the programme is exploring Wild Dartington and is at the LandWorks project (click here to listen)

It is becoming obvious that Radio 4 listening for some is a new experience and not everyone’s cup of tea. Added to this, Thelma, who simply won’t stay in, is now depositing everywhere. Tom is looking like he has arrived on another planet… to a certain extent I think he has.

I reassure him…

Honestly this is not a normal day!


Important date for the diary

The next LandWorks Supporters’ Day is on:

Friday 18th August 2017

Join us for the annual Supporter’s Day, where you have a chance to meet current and past trainees, see progress at the Quarry Field site, and there will of course be the famous prize draw.

To book a place register on our mailing list by clicking here and keep an eye out for official invites via email nearer the time.