Xmas cards 2020 - Prisoner Training & Placements


One of the best afternoons of the year is in the run up to Christmas, everyone gets together to make Christmas cards.

Fire burning, pens and paint strewn across tables. Giggling, embarrassment, laughter, stories of the past and most often thoughts of what future Christmas’s could be like.

Amazing cards are produced to sell in support of LandWorks, like this Snowman.

Snowman card on red - Prisoner Training & Placements

Some weeks later in the bleak midwinter, a passing (as they do) psychologist suggested to me that the artist felt unhappy, or certainly helpless, because the Snowman’s arms pointed down and there were no hands. Hmmm, I thought!

Perhaps there was an element of truth to this analysis. True, the artist was still in prison. Yes, he probably was unhappy and felt helpless, nowhere to live and no income on release. These insurmountable obstacles at that time seemed to hamper his ambition to sort his life out.

Over the years LandWorks has evidenced the lack of accommodation and access to basic benefits at the point of release as being critical to a successful resettlement.

Last week our local MP, Anthony Mangnall, brought this evidence to the attention of the Minister of State, Lucy Frazer MP, in the House of Commons, have a look at the footage here …


The original Snowman artist has now gone on to do great things, three years on from prison release and a regular visitor to LandWorks.

And I can’t help but look at his hands.

Last week we had our annual Christmas card making afternoon, creating a new series, to be printed and made ready for sale.

The eagle eyed will notice a new Snowman and yes, this artist is in a happy place, accommodation and employment sorted


12th November 2020