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“Man, I love cake”, is often the shout at around 10.30am, just before tea break.

Cake, for high days, celebrations, anniversaries, you name it, a cake is here.

Cream, fruit, sponge, chocolate, iced, parsnip, carrot (at times other veg!), cheese, coffee and so on… all make their way onto the table.

The origin of ‘cake’ is thought to be ancient Greek, Egyptian or even Viking!

Ours are fresh, local and often home-made.

But why is cake at LandWorks so important?

Let’s (momentarily) put to one side the deliciousness aspect and look at the meanings behind the cake ceremony and its rituals.

Of course, it’s used to recognise birthdays… the significance here is huge. Making somebody feel a bit special. It is quite common for people to let us know that their birthday has never been celebrated before.

Yet I think there’s more to it.

Just having regular random cake, seems to me to help set/underpin the friendly family community that we have created, and is important for many souls.

And to further emphasise this, really kind people bring cake to us. Unexpected deliveries of cake just arrive.

A long-term supporter and super cake baker has for years just delivered delicious fruit cakes, I think just whenever she can… It’s always a great treat.

When one man finished his licence (after 40 years on licence), a supporter who regularly spoke to John at the gate, commissioned a cake to mark this occasion.

So random cakes represent kindness and love… an essential human ingredient in good sustainable resettlement work.


14th September 2023