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9am Monday morning, the guys are just starting to arrive…

“Alright Chris, you seen Johnnie?”

As it happens, no I haven’t and I am bit worried about J, perhaps it’s obvious to others, hence why they keep asking.

“There’s loads of photos of him… bit weird… just posing in random toilets”

Oh great, that’s not good and, I just want to laugh, there is comedic value in that statement.

But I’m not laughing.

I’ve not heard from J for about 8 days. He’s just disappeared and it’s a bit of a concern. He’s haphazardly broadcasting on social media at strange times of the night, communicating to the world with images from lavatorial locations. Nothing indecent but a concern.

Oh fantastic, now somebody’s phone is displaying a Facebook page showing me the recent stuff. Yup, looks like a few different toiletry poses… Why would you do that? Posing in a loo I mean, not actually showing me the Facebook page.

Then the penny drops, it is of course a cry for help and picked up by a community… just not a community I am part of…

Defining what is community is perhaps getting a little more complicated these days, being part of a social media community is clearly very important for many. But not necessarily always the most wholesome social unit to be safe in.

Maybe that’s why LandWorks is so often referred to as a community.

Because by its very nature it is safe, wholesome, full of togetherness, common characteristics and seen as something that is missing for a lot of people.


How can it be a community… it attracts so many (very) different people, differing thoughts, beliefs, lived experiences, rich, poor, left, right, middle ground, persons on probation and those in custody, all come together… and it works.

In all honesty I never thought I was much of a community person… Turns out I am. Who’d have thought it!

Johnnie’s finally turned up and using the medium of face-to-face chat, he is saying “I’ve had a bad time, but this place is my lifeline”.

In all honesty I never thought I was much of a Facebook person… Turns out I’m not. But I am getting there!

The LandWorks Facebook page and our social media is starting to capture more of what we do and particularly during the run up to Christmas (proper community time), we will be showcasing and proudly inviting you to come and purchase gifts – made with our trainees – at our beautiful Christmas stall.

It’s not online, its real.


PS This is where you can find us on social media
Facebook  @LandWorksHQ
Twitter  @LandWorksHQ
Instagram  @landworks_hq

18th November 2021