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“That was a bit different mate… Just been to visit 3 lads in the police cells. I remember when it was me in the cell and nobody came to support me back then”

Jarvis was at LandWorks 4 years ago and has transformed a long-term criminal career into a career with the NHS, now supporting offenders in the criminal justice system.

Using his expertise and lived experience to put something back into the society he once hurt.

Our long-term support and connections give us an extraordinary insight (possibly unique) into people’s lives as they move on from LandWorks.

“Sometimes I think to myself I don’t recognise myself. Did I do that?”

The desire to ‘put something back’ is often very strong. Especially for those who have embarked on the ‘maintenance period’ (ideally the lasting part) of their resettlement journey.

For me, this desire is perhaps the most significant of all our outcomes, certainly the most rewarding.

Graduates want to work at LandWorks (and do, doing a great job) supporting others as we once did for them.

Offers of volunteering at LandWorks cascade in.

Quentin (who started potting at LandWorks) now sells his pottery in our shop and through other outlet websites putting a % back into LandWorks.

Bob who learned his woodturning skills at LandWorks does the same.

Several graduates have employed people as they complete their time at LandWorks.

People have written songs and composed poems about LandWorks for others to be inspired.

Others work for charities supporting the homeless because they once were.

Some just want to stay a part of it, being role models to newbies at LandWorks

And many just check in with us… “it’s a bubble, and in that little bubble is quite a safe place, you are away from all the stresses of normal life, like everything, which is why I like to go back now and again to recharge just for the day.”

And, sometimes, people just explain the journey from taking to putting back so well… “When you’ve been doing something your whole life (prison), it takes time to change… But when you are changing your whole life, it’s going to take years. It doesn’t happen overnight.”


20th August 2021