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“Do you sell Frogs?” was this week’s unusual sales enquiry and, before you express an opinion one way or the other, no we do not.

We do however have an extraordinary large number of frogs.

Interestingly, Spring has provided a bountiful supply of tadpoles and young offenders all arriving at LandWorks at the same time…

The tadpoles have now got their legs and are just getting on with turning into frogs.

Our young chaps, certainly got legs, masses of attitude (“init Bro”), bristling with indignation, and are often not quite clear what day it is!

Suddenly, the tiny frogs are leaving, their day has come, striking out on their own, climbing over the pond edge, crossing the path and straight into the chicken pen!

Well, the reception committee flap their wings and open their beaks and our little friends disappear.

This has caused no end of consternation in the over fifties club (membership currently four), who desperately rush about trying to find their reading glasses, all to rescue the small creatures who, by this time, have just gone.

The younger generation, it turns out, actually don’t like frogs very much and make a funny noise, if one should try to hop past with attitude.

Ahh, the great cycle of life.

And so, as all things really do change, so does LandWorks…

Sarah Hocking, who has helped so much to develop this place over the last five years, is moving on.

In October Sarah is off to do exciting things in other places.

We are now looking for an Operations Manager to take on this exciting role. No experience of frogs is necessary, but an idea about how a tricky environment operates would be helpful.

It maybe that you know of someone suitable, or could tweet, share on Facebook, forward this email, or just talk to people and spread the word about this very exciting job opportunity.

We are looking for someone who will be responsible for managing the core functions of LandWorks on a day-to-day basis. This includes management of the project’s commercial operations, fundraising, marketing and communications, database management, finance and accounting, HR and sales administration plus all other aspects of charity administration.

A full job description and details of how to apply are on our website, click here to view. The deadline is 29th June 2018.

Mego Employment Ltd are very kindly helping us manage the recruitment process, therefore please only apply through info@mego.org.uk