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“Cut, let’s go again… and take 6”

A film was being made about the PeN project at LandWorks and ‘Moving On’. I had been given the important role of ringing the bell to call us to lunch…

I was clearly (massively) overthinking my part and causing a hold up, so much so that everyone had now gathered for the lunch and the director looked like abandoning the shot altogether.

The PeN (Photographic electronic Narrative) project has been running at LandWorks since 2016 and quietly works away, interviewing, recording and publishing (anonymously) participant stories.

This incredible project has published over 100 interviews and been viewed in over 140 countries… A great way for our guys to inform the community that they hurt about their lives, difficulties and desires to make amends.

So often these interviews show that desistance from offending is an uneven journey, not a straight path.

The edits are finished, bell ringing is honed down to a glimpse, and we have an excellent 18-minute film, that is beautifully shot and really captures the ethos of LandWorks and portrays our message so well.

The reality is that unless there is joined-up support for people when they come out of prison, the good work that can take place inside is utterly wasted.

We are convinced that holistic, long-term support, built on trusting relationships and delivered in a way that can be easily accessed is the key to effective resettlement – and delivered well and at the right point, it can help prevent the need for prison in the first place.

If you watch anything today or this week you should watch this…