“Chris bro… can you get ma man bag wiv me bacci and sh#t?”

We have been recently struck by a wee hurricane at LandWorks. Not an autumnal gale or the tail end of something windy crossing from the Americas but a young chap with enough attitude to take on all the USA.

Storm clouds and yellow umbrella by bench

As I searched for said ‘man bag’, it did cross my mind what form exactly ‘sh#t’ would take and why put it in your bag anyway? I also started to ponder on all the different language uses and ‘de attitude innit’. Sometimes these lads’ lives seem completely upside down, so messed around that any structure or framework, if it was ever there, has gone.

Hurricane (H) and I set off down the road to pick up the lunch. For some reason he walks very fast, in a particular style, and so I am left trying to catch up, maintaining a conversation that I don’t fully understand and desperately trying not to sound out of breath.

“What ensued, quite frankly, was more of a silly struggle, which I accept may have looked a little like a brawl to passersby”

We’re walking back; Mr Full Force Gale is carrying the box containing lunch, maintaining high speed when suddenly we stop for him to adjust his shoe. I offer to help, to which he replies: “sound”… Ah good, yup, I know this one. It means ‘alright, yeah, thanks for the offer… man!’

I start to lift the box to help out, but there appears to be some resistance so I pull a little harder. What ensued, quite frankly, was more of a silly struggle, which I accept may have looked a little like a brawl to passersby. Anyway it stopped abruptly with the surprisingly loud explanation: “I said I was sound, innit”. Ahhh…

During lunch and after a short protest about beetroot soup (which was then eaten, innit) I noticed that H and I were down on the rota for dishes. Oh great… ‘I never do dat’… Well today we did do dat and it wasn’t so bad; in fact we both had a laugh about the previously mentioned soup-wrestling episode.

4pm: it’s time to go. “Yo bro you is looking tired man…why don’t I drive?” Do you know, for one wonderful moment, I relaxed: how lovely, ooh I am a little tired and you thought of me? It was a split second before I jolted back into the structured world…there are a number of “sound” reasons why H can’t drive.



P.S. if you missed us on Countryfile and didn’t manage to catch the episode on BBC iPlayer, you can watch the feature on our website here.