Once upon a time there were four happy hens, lovingly looked after by men who perhaps had rarely cared for anything much before, or at least not much that was legal.

The hens didn’t appear to make judgements and would simply produce eggs every day, much to the men’s delight.

Over time the men changed, new faces appeared. Some faces were altered by tattoos (although I suspect this was probably not entirely done to impress these particular birds).

Men with different problems and issues appeared, but still held the same interest and all cared for the hens. The girls didn’t judge either, happy to provide eggs for all.

The birds have all been named (at least twice). Strangely and perhaps slightly confusingly, male names are always chosen.

Recently one man has become concerned that the accommodation is really not up to scratch (technical poultry term). So, a new carefully designed hen house/palace has been planned, drawn and scaled up (another tech hen term).

The construction is underway and it is very impressive, not least because the designer has never committed to anything much before, lacking concentration and staying power.

“It was discovered that numbers at LandWorks are set to increase … So, basically, we need to find a cockerel”

He now arrives, goes straight to see the hens, sorts water, food and bedding, returning triumphant with a handful of warm eggs for breakfast.

The ‘which came first’ question has arisen on several occasions causing some difficulty, much head scratching and provoking quite a bit of group discussion – resulting in wonderfully basic expressions of Darwinism, and not helped at all by our young ladies sporting such male names.

This reached something of a crescendo…when it was discovered that numbers at LandWorks are set to increase and therefore hen numbers or at least chicks are needed ASAP if we are to maintain this critical hen to trainee ratio of 1:1.

So, basically on behalf of the lads (and yes, I have explained it all) we need to find a cockerel, if anyone has a spare one!

I can guarantee it will come to a loving and rather beautiful new wooden home… just not too sure of his new name, although I believe Kylie has been mentioned.