“I am a f*#king trawler man and I know how to handle a f*#king hose… alright?”

Kicking off at LandWorks?

No, Ben was just simply explaining that a deep sea fisherman does not put his thumb over the end of a hose to squirt some water, one simply just folds it over about three inches from the end to achieve desired squirt…“alright?”

Quarry Field, our base, is often cited as a tranquil place. As its name suggests it did once produce stone which built parts of the surrounding estate. The exposed sheer stone face is an impressive backdrop and adds to the feeling of a calm and secure place.

Hand made sign at LandWorks

Hand made sign at LandWorks

So…lovely, but it also acts as the most almighty megaphone, amplifying and projecting noise.

Not for the first time, have I stood at the entrance gate talking to an interested passerby, explaining the niceties of LandWorks only to have conversation stopped by something not so nice, quite often weirdly anatomical and being broadcasted at full volume by LBC (LandWorks Broadcasting Corp)… I now just tend to smile politely, raise an eyebrow and say “Oh!”

On the whole it doesn’t really bother me (mostly). To be honest Joe Public passer-by seems jolly impressed and is happy to think ‘what a really tough hardened bunch of grizzly crims…’

They’re not. No, they are mostly misguided kids – lost, confused and cleverly disguised as men, who just want to be loved… Err, I haven’t actually said as much yet…you know, just waiting for the moment!

What LBC did manage to get into the public domain, in this fascinating ‘hosepipe’ fly-on-the-wall documentary was: Ben had previously lost his identity, turned into a number, ground down and told repeatedly he was scum… LBC caught Ben starting to emerge from this, at last being able to feel he was somebody, he could do something, he could contribute, and he belonged.

Just presented rather vocally…“Alright?”

If you would to support a misguided trawler man or others to gain an identity and turn their lives around please just click here.