Man walking through field7am or just past, gates open
Fire is lit
Generator brings up light
Kettle is on…

There is an indescribable bliss, the quiet of the morning
First to arrive makes me jump…
“Yo bro I got early bus”
“Wet innit”

Mark is next, always so glad to see him
Just on 4 months here
Often mistaken for one of the lads
But he is becoming the lynchpin.

Prison run arrives, coffee, tea and sugar
God, is it just me not smoking?
It’s always a heads up…how the day could pan out
Eyes are bright, the chat is bouncing, could be a good ‘un!

Day ahead agreed…we all head off
Wood workshop opens up
Fencing gang start…fencing!
Text from our latest graduate, just worked 10 days in a row.

Lunch is coming
And visitors arriving
I can’t find enough bowls
Food arrives and unexpected guest… feck.

The chat flows
Soup is passed around, bread shared
Honesty is cutting
It’s lovely, warm, friendly; we run over.

6 missed calls
3 texts
21 e-mails
Think I’ll go join the fencers.

That time is coming
Nobody wants to
I start to fret… minutes to zero hour
They have to return.

Light is fading, as is energy
Good day, one of the best
Do I always think that?