Two years after LandWorks opened its doors, we asked past and present trainees how LandWorks has changed their lives. This is what they said.

“LandWorks gave me an opportunity to get my hands dirty and do something positive. I learnt things about myself that I never thought possible” – Jack

What LandWorks means to me

What LandWorks means to me (click to enlarge)

“LandWorks has helped me get back into the community, work in a team, talk in front of loads of people. I have gained more skills working there and done things I have never done before.”


“What has it done for me? Most of all was being trusted. I didn’t feel worthy of that for a long time. Really, LandWorks saved my life.

“If it wasn’t for LandWorks I would be back in prison without a shadow of a doubt. It gave me a purpose. A work ethic. Now I come home tired after a day’s work, pay my bills and am a law-abiding citizen.”


“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for LandWorks. It has helped me put things in place to rebuild my life again and give me some belief and confidence in myself.” – Matt

“At LandWorks I learn something new every day.  It’s helped me function normally again. Prison takes that away from you. When I first came to LandWorks I struggled to socialise.  I didn’t like the lunches. Now, I’ve got so much more confidence. Not just with people but in people. It breaks down barriers. It gives you space to think. As a result of LandWorks, I’ve got a purpose. I’m not sitting rotting.”


“LandWorks helps me sort my life out and that means I’m not demolishing lives and families, or upsetting people. It’s given me purpose and a really improved my chances of getting a job. My family aren’t worried about me getting into trouble anymore, and we’ve become closer.” – Luke

“I feel LandWorks is proof that people who have made mistakes in their life can be reformed and should be given a chance to prove themselves. I do struggle to socialise when sober and I have come to like all of the LandWorks team very much. It is a very warm and welcoming place full of interesting, talented and very down to earth people who are prepared to look past people’s faults, which is a rare experience for anyone serving time.”