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In the morning I catch the bus from Torquay seafront at about 8.20, and travel for 50 minutes or so, and get to LandWorks before 9.15.

Yeah, I was surprised at what’s out here, Chris said on the phone that the only way to really understand LandWorks was to come out here, he’s right, it’s a good place to be. I wasn’t in a good place a few weeks ago and thinking about bad stuff, crime and that.

My probation officer was keen to get me out to LandWorks.

I’ve been making a clay tile today, to go up on the wall, to show I am part of it all and I’ve made one for my son, a present. I haven’t seen much of him recently; he can keep the tile in his room.

Graham wants me in the wood workshop tomorrow, we’ve got to build loads of planters and I want to help Lucy in the veg garden, Martin’s got this big rotavator for us to use… Nice to be in demand.

I’ve done a bit of time; then I was homeless. Now in a hotel, temporary, but the council are looking at helping with a flat and Sue at LandWorks is helping with that. They help with benefits, accommodation, getting a job, I might join in with the drug and alcohol meeting next week.

I carried a bundle of washing out here today, Chris said I could use the washing machine.

They had some food left over from lunch, so they pack it up for us all to take something back, we haven’t got any facilities at the hotel, I thought about trying to warm the Mac Cheese up on my radiator, but I just had it cold.

Chris said it’s simple, he trusts me, and I can trust him. That’s a bit of a new thing for me.

We’ve been having all sorts of conversations at break times, everyone is very open, you can honestly talk about anything. It’s good to laugh, nobody judges you here.

He said I’ve been doing really well, I’m already feeling part of something, that’s a bit of a new thing for me as well.

To tell the truth, I get home and I’m knackered, feels good, like I’ve done a proper day, and I sleep.

You know what, I’m looking forward to next week.

Must remember my washing.


11th March 2021