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A frosty start, wisps of wood smoke and the tip tap of hammers a hammering. The creative festive hum is only occasionally punctuated by a distressing wailing from the wood workshop as Graham attempts a Christmas song.

Our Christmas stall (at the field gate) is bursting with Yuletide gifts, all made by LandWorks. I would like to say crafted by elves or even Santa’s little helpers but the lads explained, in less than festive terms, that they were not any of the above or pixies…err No.

I stick my head into the Art Dept. (aka the porta cabin), it’s warm from the recent pottery firings. Jarvis looks up from his handywork. He fixes me with a steely eye, simultaneously holding up a tiny cute pine cone hedgehog and laughs… “I was armed and did banks…now look at me!”

The stall is attracting many customers (you should come over), some people just like the whole enterprise, everything from fresh veg to wooden bowls.

While others are content to pick and choose…Purchasing from our eclectic pottery range, a few prefer to browse the various chopping boards or simply buy Christmas cards and chutneys. For one or two, it’s our amazing mirrors made from Ash and Oak. We have something for everyone.

Which is a metaphor for LandWorks itself.

People can pick and choose the parts of LandWorks they feel comfortable with and others basically trust the whole initiative. One of our great enabling strengths is that LandWorks attracts supporters with such a wide range of opinions and beliefs but a common aim.

So, if you have read thus far… what are you doing?  You should be on the way to our shop, those hedgehogs are going fast.


“The eagle-eyed quizzers amongst you might have spotted an error on the quiz circulated last week. I must have been burning the candle at both ends when I wrote it…!


Question 10 of Section G Cryptic Christmas (back page) – the answer is actually 6 letters not 5:


Light part of music and learning (6)……………………….