Got Christmas on your mind?

Well, why not let LandWorks ease the pressure? Come and visit our new pop up Christmas shop (Quarry Field entrance). We’ve got it all: bespoke cards made by the guys, recipe books with prison secrets, parsnips (they’re enormous) and a range of beautiful wooden gifts, from candleholders to gorgeous wooden bowls.

Handmade Charity Christmas Gifts and Cards at LandWorks, Dartington.

Handmade Christmas Gifts and Cards on the LandWorks Gate

Of course at this time of year minds turn to thinking about others and I thought you might like to hear about some of the men’s lives after LandWorks…

Quite a well-kept secret; on release from prison a good number have relocated to the Totnes area. This is not some strange master plan to take over the South Hams, but actually a reflection on what a great place Totnes is and (I continue my Christmas theme) how welcoming Totnesians are.

However, being welcoming on its own is not enough and there are two other must have ingredients for successful resettlement…accommodation and employment.

LandWorks has been very fortunate on both counts. A local landlord who has supported 8 of our guys and some first class local employers, Riverford Organic, KJ Thulborn, MEGO and Anzac Construction, all deserve a Christmas cheer.

Often after release life can be tricky, even lonely for a few months. So you can understand that having LandWorks as a support while you settle into a new life is just as important as having LandWorks support when you are in prison.

The lonely times seem to ebb away and new relationships form. Facebook statuses change and the more traditional get married. In the next few months there are three weddings and at least two babies on the way (that I know of).

So just as I give you the idea that Totnes is filling up with LandWorks graduates, in realty it’s not. People of course move on, to far flung places like Plymouth, Saltash and Paignton, establishing a home and becoming a family.

If there is one thing that is great about this job… it’s watching these guys who want to break away from a criminal lifestyle, become settled and want to be a good father.

Enough of all that… Do not forget to come to our Christmas Stall (open early till late), lights, mince pies and no music!