“Alright, Chris, you alright? It’s Frank (just released), I got my phone sorted. Listen Chris, I started work on Monday. I’m busy enough, but I was thinking I could come back and help as a volunteer on a day off?”

Ahhh tricky! We get so many lovely offers of help from so many people. Often coming in great waves, six or seven a week. All quiet for a few days, then suddenly another proposition at the field gate and off we go again. Some more sensible than others…

Recently I politely turned down one proposal. Running a maintenance course for a Honda ‘step through’ moped, specifically and only for the C70. Apparently ‘it’s a classic’ and could we supply the moped, ideally an early 1980s model?

The really helpful practical offers totally outweigh all others. LandWorks could not exist without many forms of support; computer expertise, cooking, mentors, driving, ambassadors, just to name a few.

More people want to become involved with LandWorks and that is fantastic, but we are trying to manage these offers carefully, we could easily become swamped. Planning the day and creating worthwhile projects for our trainees is a priority, hard enough without finding work for extra (willing) hands.

So, we have been looking for new ways to engage people who are interested and want to see more of what goes on at LandWorks. Dr Julie Parsons has come up with a rather clever research project, funded by the Independent Social Research Foundation (ISRF)….

It’s called PeN, Photographic electronic Narrative; it’s an exciting idea. Julie will contact you soon to explain PeN and ask you to join in. It makes LandWorks accessible, transparent and available to supporters – take a look at the new PeN Project blog site.

In short the trainees will have access to a camera and click away at anything that is part of their day. These photos will then be edited and stored (securely) and this starts to build an individual’s story of his experience at LandWorks. You will be able to see it all unfold, be part of it and keep yourself informed. How about LandWorks on your phone via instagram for example?

“Chris mate listen to this………………………”

I assume he is holding his phone out at arms length and perhaps he’s mentally parked the idea of volunteering, at least for now.

“Can’t hear anything Frank.”

“No, listen Chris.”

I can sort of vaguely hear a moped (C70?) or something moving up a street.

“Ooooh my Godd, it’s loud here! “

I guess after three and a half years inside, it’s not just loud but probably quite daunting!