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“Yes, all right I get it. I know you don’t like working in the veg field.”

“More I don’t like the mud on me hands.”

“Err, gloves?”

Silence, while we pull weeds out together, slowly working our way down a bed of beetroot.

“I used to make a lot of money you know, hundreds, thousands.”

“Yes, but you messed up lives, got caught, paid back a load of money and served four years.”

“Well yeah, but it was supply and demand, simple economics… they wanted it, I provided it.”

Flipping heck! I’ve just pulled out a clump of beetroot by mistake, hope he hasn’t noticed.

Joe laughing: “That’s us a few quid down then.” Then said; “I like selling the veg, I could do that, all day long.”

I was a bit surprised: “I thought you wanted the high life?”

“Yeah, but this feels okay… it’s better.”

Silence, while we both ponder this rather unexpected statement.

“So, this charity thing… easy isn’t it, I could do that, get folks to give me money.”

I jumped up to face him but unhelpfully no words came, just a strange throat noise.

“Chris, it’s a piece of piss, I could set up a home for little orphan puppies, easy money.”

“Joe, I don’t know if I’d invest, not sure if I’d believe you.”

“What’s that got to do with it, it’s about the little cute puppies.”

“It’s not just about puppies… It’s more complicated.”


I broke the impasse. “Well, yes, essentially it is about the puppies, but you’ve got to get people to believe in you, to trust you… to use their money in the best possible way to support those puppies.”

“So, I could pay myself a lot and go on holiday a lot, leave the puppies with somebody else.”

Silence… I’m struggling to form a reply.

Joe seizes the moment. “Well why do people put money into LandWorks?”

“Many reasons, but basically to support you, understand your life, stop you offending and help you back into the community.”

“What they give you money to do that?”

“Well 25% of our money comes from selling our produce.” To sort of make a point, I’m waving another clump of mistakenly pulled beetroot at him, “but yes people trust and know that LandWorks is run well and a good investment.”

“So, you just go and spend the money on whatever you want.”

“No” and to underline my irritation I hurl the immature beetroot away. “I set a budget every year, my Trustees sign this off and I never ever overspend, always careful.” Have you any idea how hard I work, is what I want to say, but don’t.

“Oh, right so it’s really just Government giving you a few handouts?”

“No no no no no….”


“Look here’s a good example, Ted (Chair of Trustees) and his wife Hilary are going to do a 100 km walk in 24hrs starting on June the 11th, and people are going to sponsor them to support LandWorks.”

“What, they’re doing that for me?”

“No, it’s not all about you! They will be walking 100km for many reasons but knowing that people are sponsoring them to financially support LandWorks will be a great motivator.”

“So, they all trust you to do all this finance stuff properly?”

“Yes, but LandWorks as a whole is a good organisation, and I would say it’s more that we are all part of this community, and we all should play a part in it.”


Broken by Joe. “I think I’d like to sponsor them a couple of quid.”

I agree. “Yes, so would I.”

We head off up the track, 100m walk for a tea break.


26th May 2022

Ted and Hilary’s Sponsored Walk – Double Your Donation!

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