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A couple of months ago I quietly fixed a small sign close to the entrance of our main building. A couple of words carved into a piece of slate, and then waited for a reaction.

It must be said, we’re no strangers to an occasional sign at LandWorks.

Everything is going to be all right” is proudly mounted above the loo block. I should point out there’s no implication regarding our basic facilities, it’s just a good vantage point.

Un-F**k the system” hangs in the workshop. Originally a response to so many tattoos telling me to ‘F**k the System’. This regularly produces a comment (or more) from a visitor.

And so, I waited.


I had hoped my new sign might provoke a conversation or two, such as…

A discussion on the possibilities arising from the Government’s Prison White Paper and how parts of this proposal could be very positive, if resourced and actually delivered. Our focus group evidence from 5 LandWorks trainees produced the following response to the consultation.

Perhaps a chat about a recent PeN interview, where Tony talks about altering his life…

Or, what are the chances of the swallows returning to their nest here at LandWorks (I really hope they do)? A sparrow hawk ruthlessly removed the young as they fledged last year.

A chat about the possibilities of how change actually occurs. The need to engage a person’s sense of identity. Allowing them space to make that change, and then supporting them to maintain this new identity (long-term engagement).

We could examine the possibilities around how we deliver cooking skills, training and kitchen health and safety at LandWorks. Perhaps consider working more in season with our Market Garden produce. Possibly taking the guys to the supermarket, so they can learn ‘hands-on’ how to budget.

Could we possibly expand our fieldgate shop and if so, how?

Or how we can get our message out more to those who can change things… that this type of intervention plays a significant role in actually stopping people going into custody in the first place, not just returning to custody.

Should Chris probably be restrained from putting up signs that nobody appears to notice?

Then finally, last week….

“Ohhh when did that go up, that’s rather good, I agree, ‘Anything is Possible’.”


12th May 2022