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I’m trying to write about a desk (I know, how exciting does it get). But interruptions just keep coming…

“Chris, just thought I would ask, why do you do this? You do give a sh#t about us all, why do you care so much? Nobody else does, why do you do it…?”

Right, err okay, and I manage to say that I will answer that one, but later…

So, this desk was made from the last section of ‘Ghond’, Leaonard Elmhurst’s most favourite tree on the Dartington Hall estate, so much so he named it. It was a Monterey pine, which fell in 2015.

“Chris… two police officers here to see you.” Oops, I had forgotten about them. They are keen to understand what this project does, apparently, it’s a surprise that’s it’s on their doorstep and can they refer people here? Yes, they can.

Built in circa 2017, lovingly worked timber, shaped into a beautiful…

“Ahh there you are, I’ve just popped in to see you, happened to be passing, down fae Auchtermuckty for a few days. How are you man? Can we buy some of your Christmas cards, mugs and err oh yes, some chopping boards and decorations for the Grandkids to put on the tree?”

We head off to our LandWorks Christmas shop.

“Och Chris you’ve got it all here Laddie.”

Yes, we have, and our Christmas emporium is fully open. You must come and see it.

Okay, back to the desk. It’s lovely. It’s for sale. We will sort out delivery to anywhere, even tae Auchermuckty.

The bidding is now already at £225. Join in the bidding now by emailing

Auction closes December the 1st.

If you can’t bid, then why not come and spend on Christmas gifts at LandWorks anyway.

The late answer to the earlier question is, I think we all give a sh#t (sorry not very Christmassy)

But especially around Christmas, people do care about others.

As to why we do this… well that’s for another blog, another day.


17th November 2022