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I’ve often thought this could have been our name. It is all about change and creating a community that allows and supports change.

Change takes time, initially lurking in the shadows, just allowing a tentative glimpse of a new self. Testing the new, unsure, and faltering; then fully appearing into the spotlight, confident, together, and ready to fly.

These moments are precious and wonderful, and they do happen.

Tony, who has been with us for quite a few months (at times too many), has got there…

The other day, a first bit of proper Autumn cold, with a drizzle that was removing any remaining motivation from the last part of the day, folks had tired. Not Tony.

It clicked, I realised that all week he’d been super helpful, getting stuff done, supporting others. In fact, thinking about it for quite a few weeks now on my mental balance sheet (in my head) his output was far greater than the supportive input.

In that instance, a moment of recognition. I interrupted the business of what he was doing, while others gazed on I told him exactly what I saw, how great he was, how proud he should be of himself and I of him.

It wasn’t like that at the start, it never is, that’s why people come here.

Over time we build trust.

The Criminal Justice System, I think, is increasingly mopping up people that once found community support, but now find that help has diminished. Often the crime they committed should really be seen as a symptom rather than a punishable offence.

People arrive here labelled as criminal, but who we discover have many different issues that include one or more of the following…  trauma, abuse, low self-esteem, poor mental and/or physical health, autistic spectrum, domestic violence, isolated, trans, lonely, or just unsure about who they are. Many are victims themselves.

There are many (many) issues and complex layers that are beneath that label Criminal.

Currently we have an individual (a criminal) who is partially sighted. This loss of sight makes getting to our supportive community almost impossible. His issues are complex, even down to using his mobile phone.
But if we could find a volunteer willing to pick him up once week from Torquay. Then we have people in our team who are experienced with disability, and we can make a worthwhile day for him at LandWorks.

So, what comes first change or trust… Personally I think you need to build trust before safe change can occur…



20th October 2022