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Jez was in full flow, coffee slopping out of his mug “Chris do you think this dripping tap economic trickling down stuff works”

I tried to remember a Maynard Keynes quote, but Jez was too quick.…

“It’s not f@#ing working, is it.” Jez stated.  “How I am I supposed find somewhere to live… the most I can get in rent support is £300/month and the local rents are way above that”

Jez is not yet work ready (but on the way) he relies on benefit to support this moment of change, allowing both his wellbeing and ultimately his stability to improve. Then able to work and thus pay tax.

So many of our guys are stuck in unsuitable/unstable accommodation.

3 living with parents. Sounds nice, it’s often not, restrictive, overcrowded and in some cases violent.

1 in a caravan that is way below any semblance of a holiday experience.

2 people sofa surfing.

1 woman in emergency hotel accommodation, varies every few days, Torbay one-night, East Devon another and so on.

1 man, just been ‘cuckooed’ by a dealing drug gang… they move in take over and deal and then move on, trashing the flat and often the occupant.

1 man squatting… His multi-flat accommodation is being sold by the landlord and occupants given notice.

I could go on.

In the lovely South Hams (our area) there are now over 4,800 Airbnb’s. You can do the maths; we don’t need Mr Keynes to explain supply and demand. But it does rather reduce the available rental housing stock.

Jez, who is a great ‘agent provocateur’, often quotes from an outrageous internet influencer and likes to have a poke at woke, soon gets a debate going.

But there’s not much debate to be had today. We all agree there is a critical accommodation shortage.

Helpfully, I remembered the quote… “When the facts change, I change my mind” John Maynard Keynes

We are desperate for sympathetic landlords in this area. If you have any ideas (housing possibilities not economics) please do get in touch.



6th October 2022