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Seven minutes, that’s all it takes to get him from LandWorks to the train station, and he must have told me how bad the weather has been recently at least twenty times.

My absurdly optimistic self is searching for the blue sky, I’m desperate to counter with positive statements.

I don’t. I just leave it.


Well, I think partly (and this may seem an odd explanation) because we have been compiling a book. A book of blogs from the past ten years’ and I have not allowed myself to look at them. I have a fear that I probably sound like a over exuberant, sort of aged boy scout, who’s been at the energy drinks!

So, we are now at the editing stage. Two very motivated and capable supporters have read ten years of blogs (several times over). 250 in total and shortlisted to 50. We are matching PeN interviews to run alongside, allowing the authentic voice of our guys to emerge.

I have forced myself to have a look (I really haven’t looked back at any previous writing) and well, perhaps the first few blogs do have a hint of enthusiastic naivety… But I was surprised even a little taken aback by how much they varied and changed as time went along…

There were clearly good moments and (I believe) solid proposals to how the Criminal Justice System could be better. But also, strikingly times when I have just been letting off a bit of steam, difficult times – particularly through Covid.

I appreciate you are probably very aware of this. I feel I am embarrassingly behind the curve here so thank you for reading and continuing to read these blogs.

Everyone says the book is looking good and will make an interesting read.

Anyway, back to Mr Glass half-empty. To be fair he does incredibly well, travelling for one hour and forty minutes each way. So, I reckon a little moan about the weather is not so bad.

As we say goodbye, he stops turns and looks at me… “Actually, Chris, yesterday was a lovely sunny day”.

Yes, it was!

The big blog book (don’t worry, just a working title) is going to be published in July, along with the better weather.


30th March 2023