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  1. landworks charity christmas market garden stall dartington devon 1024x565 - Prisoner Training & Placements
    What Happens Here

    Hello A couple of walkers recently paused at the LandWorks Shop and introduced themselves… We’re from Yorkshire, just passing, what happens here then? LandWorks is a resettlement project for those already in or at risk of…

  2. path 2 small 1024x683 - Prisoner Training & Placements
    I shouldn’t be in prison

    Hello “I feel a bit ashamed to be honest, but I’ve been really looking at myself, it is me saying yeah I take responsibility.” Bob, January 2018 There is a pathway of change at LandWorks. Part…

  3. LandWorks Charity hands workshop
    Scrubbing Out The Past

    Diary extract: 8th November 2013 (LandWorks has been up and running for 4 months) Apparently last night in prison, Joe was again doing his peculiar Hitler impersonation. Terrifying I should have thought, moustache, slicked back hair…

  4. Ted fundraising for LandWorks
    Spin Cycle

    Fundraising bike rides, living on £4.57 per day, and washing machines… read Project Manager Chris Parsons’ fortnightly blog here.

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    James’ Story: “We’ve just started a criminology class…”

    Hello Over the last 6 months the PeN project has been capturing peoples stories at LandWorks (no stopping it now). Publishing one every week. The blogs are simply the transcripts of their own words recorded while…

  6. landworks - Prisoner Training & Placements
    Chris’ Blog – News

    An insight into a day at LandWorks via Project Manager Chris Parsons’ fortnightly blog. This week answers a few frequently asked questions about the LandWorks charity.

  7. Chris’ Blog – Strictly Secret

    Hello I’ve noticed that it is ‘Strictly’ season, so I thought I should let you into a ‘Strictly’ secret, well I say secret, it’s not, I just haven’t mentioned it before. It all began a couple…

  8. Local community raises over £20,000 for LandWorks

    LandWorks Supporters’ Day raises over £20,000 and celebrates remarkable reoffending and employment statistics

  9. Chris’ Blog – Dear Mum

    Dear Mum I am so glad you are coming to the Supporters’ Day today. There is a lot to show you; it’s been a busy year and the lads are rightly proud of their achievements. We’ve…

  10. Chris’ Blog – Simples‏

    Hello “Could I have a word, I’m feeling a bit paranoid, you know, not sure if I’m gonna do it, do you think I can this time?” You can imagine the Daily Newspaper headline… ‘Old lag…

  11. Chris’ Blog – A Letter To My Former Self

    Hello The following is something that I would have liked my younger self to read, that sunny morning three years ago in July 2013. I was sitting in my van staring at the prison gates; waiting…