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Buying something from LandWorks is a great way for you to support our work.

Change someone’s life by giving them a chance to spend time at our groundbreaking, holistic resettlement project.

“If I hadn’t come to LandWorks I would be back in prison without a shadow of a doubt… ”

large table1 300x200 - Prisoner Training & Placements IMG 0234 small 200x300 - Prisoner Training & Placements IMG 0135 small 300x273 - Prisoner Training & Placements


Handmade wooden coffee table, made from a Sequoia Redwood tree planted by Leonard Elmhirst on the Dartington Estate.
Measures 1200 x 900mm

Free local delivery or available from our shop at the field gate.


Handmade mirror made from chestnut.
Measures 1200 x 900mm

Available in our shop at the field gate.


Chutneys and marmalade made in the LandWorks kitchen.
Currently Seville Marmalade, Pineapple Chutney and Green Tomato Chutney available

In the shop at the field gate.

Call us on 01803 864891 with any enquiries.