Criminology conf 1 - Prisoner Training & Placements

27 November 2023 –

LandWorks contributed to the annual American Society of Criminology Conference for the first time in November, where our vision for a more effective resettlement process was shared by PeN project lead Dr Julie Parsons and Resettlement Manager Elli Targett.

The American Society of Criminology (ASC) conference is held annually and is now in its 78th year. The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Seeking Justice: Reconciling with our Past, Reimagining the Future’. It was held in Philadelphia and attracted over 4,000 delegates from around the world.

Julie and Elli were invited to participate as members of the newly formed ‘International Generative Justice Network.’ “Generative justice” is a new concept in criminology which explores how to respond to crime and punishment in ways which better support the resettlement of ex-offenders and build community cohesion and inclusion.

Julie presented work from an Independent Social Research Foundation (ISRF) group project from 2022, entitled “Making Communities: An exploration of community building and collaborative approaches to re/integration after punishment” to highlight processes of Generative Justice. Elli then introduced LandWorks as an exemplar of Generative Justice and community making. Specifically, focusing on the ways in which LandWorks works for its beneficiaries and how these map onto some of the key principles of Generative Justice.

“It was great to connect with other members of the Generative Justice Network, which was established virtually and online around a year ago,” said Julie. “We hope to produce a book exploring Generative Justice, with a chapter focusing on LandWorks as an important case study on how to build meaningful relationships with people impacted by the criminal justice system.”