Our journey

  • The Early Years

    The Early Years


    Chris and Julie Parsons start to develop the idea of supporting prisoners within their landscaping company


    Funding is secured from a private donor, to provide sponsorship for three men (prolific offenders) to join Greenlands at the point of release from HMP. Scheme runs for 3 years


    Chris contacts Celia Atherton to discuss idea of a scheme for prolific offenders at The Dartington Hall Trust (Dartington had already publically expressed wish to be involved in work of this kind). Initial planning, preliminary meetings and discussions

  • Project Development

    Project Development
  • Landworks Officially Starts!

    Landworks Officially Starts!
  • Funding, Grants & Partnerships

    Funding, Grants & Partnerships
  • Market garden stall opens

    Market garden stall opens
  • An Independent Charity

    An Independent Charity
  • New Ceramics enterprise allows increase of trainees

    New Ceramics enterprise allows increase of trainees
  • Future planning

    Future planning


    Giant log picnic tables for Dartington Deer Park Wall Project


    Tony Everett walks across South America and raises £5,000


    Tree planting to commemorate former trainee Jamie Symmons. £75,000 grant over 3 years confirmed from The Aurum Trust