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Well this is my first experience writing a blog for LandWorks!

I want to share a bit about my time at LandWorks so far…

I first came out as a volunteer in 2018, where I found enjoyment in taking pictures for the PeN project and of course, feeding the chickens! I was completely clueless in what I was getting myself involved in but I am so so glad I took that opportunity.

I was then offered a job and accepted in September 2021, as office manager, after graduating uni.

I have now seen first-hand even more so why LandWorks works.

I think why this award winning charity works is because we really work as a team and look out for one another. The closeness of the group allows the days to run smoothly.

I am going to be completely honest and say that not everyday has been easy. Hearing people’s lived experiences and the stories that come with each person, is tricky. So, the support from each member of the team is crucial.

Christmas is not an easy time for anyone, but what makes it feel so Christmassy here is the family work unit that we have naturally formed in such a short time. Not to mention our LandWorks Christmas meal which fills the room with cheer and laughter.

Being a country girl, I understand how the outdoors can have many positive impacts on an individual, whether this is for mental or physical health (not to mention how important food is too!). What LandWorks has to offer really takes care of each individual, as well as every team member.

From the view in my office, I can see all the comings and goings. This could be anything from a package being delivered, to a customer’s enquiry on Graham’s very popular benches, to someone donating to our charity.

The market garden, the workshop, the pottery and the general maintenance of the site all give trainees the opportunity to find their niche at LandWorks. These finished products are then sold in our small shop (that Graham and I now proudly run together).

Everyday is different at LandWorks, one thing for sure is that you’ll always be certain to hear Graham’s singing!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


16th December 2021