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Day 3,637

Jimmy, one of the first cohort (then a day release prisoner), just sent the following text…

“I know that I’m hard work but something that you said and done that hit home with me, as I didn’t think that people were nice and didn’t want anything in return which I’ve never had so to speak. As all you ever asked for me was to do my best as that’s all I could do. And I really wish I could go bk in time, but I can’t, if only Chris but I’m not the only person that feels the same as me, as you help so many men and women. I did enjoy my time in South Devon I really did. So thankyou LandWorks.”

Day 3,638

I’m chatting to a new referral; he’s reading the wooden boards that hang on the wall, lists of names, everyone who has been here. Names carefully burnt onto wood. He recognises one…

Was Robbie here, do you know Rob? He’s my cousin”.

Yes, Robbie started here on day 1018.

“Is that when he sorted himself out, he’s doing really well now, sorted life out”.

I know he is. Julie and I went to his wedding.

Day 3,639

7.26pm and the ‘Frog’ is making contact.

‘Frog’ started here on day 2,234. We lost contact this January, and I have been worried.

“Chris. I’m doing great, stayed out of Prison, in that supported accommodation now, you did the reference. Bingo on Thursday, we all put a quid in every week. Yeah, I’m doing good”.

Day 3,640

4.05pm, call from Jack. Yesterday he was at LandWorks. Today is his first trial day, on a construction site.

“It’s brilliant, Chris, I’m loving it, got a hard hat and Hi-Viz. They have taken me on. I love it.”

So, it will soon be day 3,650…

Ten years old.

Ten years of Support.

Ten years of Acceptance.

Is it worth it?

Yes. Of course, every day there is a story, and as Jimmy said… “Much more good than bad”.


6th July 2023