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“Chris, do you think stuff just goes around, is life just a circle of continuous events?”

That’s an interesting lunchtime question (I like these, gets everyone chatting) and this from a man who often poses tricky questions or introduces an array of fascinating facts to be digested.

I’m not sure I quite agree. I think we spend a lot of time encouraging people to break repeat patterns or at least become aware of a cyclical pattern.

But it did get us talking about people who have completed placements at LandWorks, graduates, some from many years ago.

So far this month 68 graduates have been in contact. Overall, we are in contact with around 125.

To give you something of an idea this month…

  • Two new babies into the world and all doing well.
  • A job offer from one of our grads to a current trainee.
  • With social services support, one man takes parental custody of his child.
  • One man is of interest to the police. They are in contact with me because it fits his ‘previous’ modus operandi. Ho hum!
  • One man has received his first (legal) pay packet.
  • A call from a man I haven’t spoken to for 5 years and I had rather feared the worst. He is okay and in Birmingham. Still using, but at least he has told me.
  • One man moved into social housing.
  • A call from one man telling me to be careful about a potential new referral.
  • A thank you note from another, cos we sent a photographic record of his time here.
  • One man’s battle with alcohol is as hideous as ever.
  • One man losing it as he has a breakdown.
  • One young woman makes contact from a rehab in Surrey, she’s doing well.
  • One man out of hospital.
  • One young man very seriously ill in hospital, early 30’s and he’s not had much of a life.
  • One man finally off his methadone script (for heroin dependency) and is delighted.
  • Another struggling to get the wheat harvest in, it is a bit wet.
  • One man has had write up in ‘Construction News’ as a top apprentice.
  • One man can’t start his lawn mower!!!
  • One man, Gary Fulton (also known as the one-armed potter), provided unwavering support to me as I struggled with the idea that our young man in hospital is critically ill. Gary just knows the right words to use.

That got me thinking about circles and support.

And just how incredibly/deeply important it is when support comes back around.



31st August 2023