Market gardening?

Lovely bit of growing, cash cropping, selling straight to the customer, supplying the veg you want, just need to be good at timing…

Hmm well, timings not always been my strong point and occasionally excitement gets the better of me. The other week I managed to blurt out that Devon and Cornwall Police had just phoned… Everyone stopped eating and just stared at me, expecting the worst.

Realising my mistake I quickly explained that they had asked if we could make use of 20 bags of ‘growing medium’, from a recent drugs raid.

The silence was broken by an inquisitive voice… “Is that the gold or extra gold?” Before I could reply, another felt it necessary to explain that he only favoured the premium blend of compost for a stronger crop!

Now you can call me an old cynic if you like, but nobody thus far, had expressed much horticultural knowledge. And before you could say marijuana, lunchtime had turned into a sort of subversive Gardeners’ Question Time.

Arguments were breaking out about best growing strategies and when to attend to the ‘mother plant’, experts the lot of them!

Bob Flowerdew would have been impressed; intense discussions on when to take cuttings or not and worryingly a lecture was being held in one corner on how to bypass an electric meter to run high wattage bulbs 24/7!

“Don’t look so worried Chris, it’s all f**king recreational!”

Ahh of course, silly me, well if it’s just recreational then everything’s okay, isn’t it?

Well no it’s not. I think there is a seriously blurred line between the terms recreational and criminal. ‘Recreational’ is too often applied to snorting class A’s, making the simple act of supply and demand for a ‘ bit of a weekend buzz’ seem acceptable…

Remember we bang up these men for a seriously long time, because they supply others expensive recreational habits (demand).

So exactly whose moral compass is askew here?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched helplessly as addiction destroys. I actually don’t know what the answer is.

What would happen if it were legal?

I would guess that drugs or drug culture are involved in 85% of crime. But are not actually the single root causes of crime, interconnected yes, along with deprivation, parental neglect, poor education, to name but a few….

Just being born into a set of circumstances for some greatly increases the likelihood of a criminal lifestyle.