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  1. Chris’ Blog – Phone Up Robin Hood

    Hello Not quite sure why but I’ve been having a few weird dreams… “Well Kirsty, in this song The Clash suggest ‘phoning up Robin Hood and asking for some wealth distribution’… There are moments when a…

  2. cover photo small 1024x768 - Prisoner Training & Placements
    PeN Project

    Matthew: cover photo The latest post from the PeN Project at LandWorks, where a camera is given to people serving prison sentences, giving you an alternative perspective of life during and after prison. Trainee Matthew explains…

  3. Chris’ Blog – Simples‏

    Hello “Could I have a word, I’m feeling a bit paranoid, you know, not sure if I’m gonna do it, do you think I can this time?” You can imagine the Daily Newspaper headline… ‘Old lag…

  4. Guest blog: Why I employed an ex-prisoner

    Local Staverton employer KJ Thulborn has given two LandWorks trainees their first vital step back into employment. Managing Director Kevin Thulborn shares his experiences.

  5. Guest blog: Snakes and Ladders

    Involved with LandWorks from the beginning, Det Sergeant Anya Teakle offers an honest and compelling perspective on rehabilitation from the ‘other side’ of the fence, persuading you to answer some tricky questions.

  6. Chris’s blog: Wayward lad

    Chat about physical aches and pains is matter-of-course at LandWorks but, as Chris reveals, when it comes to mental health it’s a bit of a conversational dead-end…

  7. Trainees’ blog: Dear Michael Gove

    This week the trainees at LandWorks write an open letter to Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Justice, urging him to come and see how LandWorks supports his ideas about rehabilitation.

  8. Chris’s blog: DIY Bob

    The mobile is indicating a problem: it’s just gone 5am and the number of missed calls and texts suggests a night crisis has happened. Cue Chris Parsons (aka DIY Bob) to the rescue!

  9. Trainee interview: Joe’s First Impressions

    On a rare hot day in April, new trainee Luke arrived at LandWorks following his very first stint in prison at twenty years old. Four months into his placement, Sarah asked Luke about his experiences so far.

  10. Volunteer blog: LandWorks, two years on

    LandWorks began in July 2013, with an overgrown quarry site and a huge amount of hope. New volunteer Gill looks back and summarises the first two years.

  11. Chris’s blog: Two years…and thinking

    Two years ago, LandWorks had a derelict porta cabin, three serving prisoners, a man released on licence, a bit of overgrown wasteland, and a plan: to help these guys back into the community and employment.

  12. Chris’s blog: Visiting time

    A trip to see a soon-to-be LandWorks trainee affords Chris a rare glimpse of the euphoria and heartbreak of prison visiting hours.

  13. Chris’s blog: Rocky II

    A LandWorks trainee has developed a deep attachment to a stray dog. There are two problems: the trainee is homeless, and the dog looks oddly familiar…

  14. Chris’s blog: Is Joe worthy?

    Chris tackles a difficult, often asked question: are LandWorks trainees as worthy of help as those who have not committed a crime but are nevertheless struggling?

  15. Chris’s blog: A spinning nightmare

    ‘Election Fever’ is here, and you may have caught a few of the policy-speak words flying around, like ‘resettlement’, ‘reintegration’ and ‘rehabilitation’. Are words like this really useful?