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  1. pond field outside sun frogs website small 1024x683 - Prisoner Training & Placements
    No experience of frogs necessary

    Hello “Do you sell Frogs?” was this week’s unusual sales enquiry and, before you express an opinion one way or the other, no we do not. We do however have an extraordinary large number of frogs….

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    Job Vacancy At LandWorks

    Hello   Sarah Hocking who has helped so much to develop this place over the last five years is moving on. In October Sarah is off to do exciting things in other places. We are now…

  3. effects of crime 1024x683 - Prisoner Training & Placements
    One Hundred And One

    Hello One offender, one court case, one prison sentence. Quite straightforward retribution and punishment; done, dusted, out of sight and out of mind. Well not quite, not at LandWorks. It’s not unusual in the first few…

  4. prison food control landworks 1024x707 - Prisoner Training & Placements

    Hello A few years ago, as a responsible parent, I thought it a good idea that my daughter (Lilly, 9 yrs) should listen to the Sex Pistols (at some volume). I wondered what her response would…

  5. balancing scales justice koestler enrty art landworks 2 1024x683 - Prisoner Training & Placements
    It’s a balance

    Hello In response to requests to hear about ‘an average week’, here is an extract from Chris’ weekly diary with explanatory notes from the Editor… Week ending Friday 13th The week didn’t get off to a…

  6. ernie prison van driver outside website 1024x769 - Prisoner Training & Placements
    Mr Bassett the Prison Driver

    Hello I thought you would be interested in an extract from a recent PeN interview. A reflection from Ernie, who does the prison run twice a day. Taking our van to collect and return HMP prisoners…

  7. landworks - Prisoner Training & Placements

    Hello Recently somebody visiting the field gate stall left a note in our comments book… “I’m rather worried about the lovely old man in the veg garden, he’s been hobbling for a few days”. On reading…

  8. Eating together at LandWorks.
    Nigella’s puddings

    Hello We have an old ship’s bell hanging in the yard. Daily it is clanged to summon us, gather us together for lunch, usually about one o’clock. On a quiet day we will be around 12…

  9. landworks charity christmas market garden stall dartington devon 1024x565 - Prisoner Training & Placements
    What Happens Here

    Hello A couple of walkers recently paused at the LandWorks Shop and introduced themselves… We’re from Yorkshire, just passing, what happens here then? LandWorks is a resettlement project for those already in or at risk of…

  10. landworks - Prisoner Training & Placements
    Cocaine in the Commons?

    Hello “Look Chris, it’s a well-known fact that the loos in the Houses of Parliament have traces of cocaine on them… they’re all at it!” Ahh, another justification for crime! A drug dealer’s rationale is that…

  11. path 2 small 1024x683 - Prisoner Training & Placements
    I shouldn’t be in prison

    Hello “I feel a bit ashamed to be honest, but I’ve been really looking at myself, it is me saying yeah I take responsibility.” Bob, January 2018 There is a pathway of change at LandWorks. Part…

  12. LandWorks Charity hands workshop
    Scrubbing Out The Past

    Diary extract: 8th November 2013 (LandWorks has been up and running for 4 months) Apparently last night in prison, Joe was again doing his peculiar Hitler impersonation. Terrifying I should have thought, moustache, slicked back hair…

  13. wish you were here landworks blog ceramic tile art cob wall 1 1024x768 - Prisoner Training & Placements
    There are a couple of things I need to tell you

    Hello There are a couple of things I haven’t told you… This time last year, there was a man at LandWorks called Jarvis, he got caught up in a prison incident. As a result, he was…

  14. Ted fundraising for LandWorks
    Spin Cycle

    Fundraising bike rides, living on £4.57 per day, and washing machines… read Project Manager Chris Parsons’ fortnightly blog here.

  15. landworks - Prisoner Training & Placements
    Plenty of fish

    Hello This week we have mostly been building…a rectangular open box, with no obvious way out and not a lot to do inside (so basically a jail, in my opinion). It is in fact a new…