Blogs & Profiles

  1. Chris’s blog: Oh, dearie me

    In this week’s LandWorks blog, a comment from one of the trainees leaves Project Manager Chris Parsons reeling…

  2. Guest blog: Food for thought

    This year has seen the beginning of a market gardening enterprise at LandWorks, headed up by Project Team Leader, Mark Mitchell. As it flourishes, Mark talks about his experiences, lessons learned and plans to expand further.

  3. Trainee interview: Joe’s First Impressions

    On a rare hot day in April, new trainee Luke arrived at LandWorks following his very first stint in prison at twenty years old. Four months into his placement, Sarah asked Luke about his experiences so far.

  4. Volunteer blog: LandWorks, two years on

    LandWorks began in July 2013, with an overgrown quarry site and a huge amount of hope. New volunteer Gill looks back and summarises the first two years.

  5. Trainee blog: What LandWorks means to me

    Two years after LandWorks opened its doors, we asked past and present trainees how LandWorks has changed their lives. This is what they said.

  6. Chris’s blog: Two years…and thinking

    Two years ago, LandWorks had a derelict porta cabin, three serving prisoners, a man released on licence, a bit of overgrown wasteland, and a plan: to help these guys back into the community and employment.

  7. Chris’s blog: Visiting time

    A trip to see a soon-to-be LandWorks trainee affords Chris a rare glimpse of the euphoria and heartbreak of prison visiting hours.

  8. Chris’s blog: Rocky II

    A LandWorks trainee has developed a deep attachment to a stray dog. There are two problems: the trainee is homeless, and the dog looks oddly familiar…

  9. Chris’s blog: Luke’s lump

    LandWorks Project Manager Chris first met Luke in May 2013. He was 28 and had spent too many unproductive years in prison. He was one of the first to graduate from the scheme – and now, he’s coming back.

  10. Chris’s blog: Is Joe worthy?

    Chris tackles a difficult, often asked question: are LandWorks trainees as worthy of help as those who have not committed a crime but are nevertheless struggling?

  11. Chris’s blog: Hammering home an honest approach

    LandWorks’ new fruit and veg stall has an honesty box, and the trainees are sceptical (hardened bunch that they are). Are their fears unfounded?

  12. Chris’s blog: A spinning nightmare

    ‘Election Fever’ is here, and you may have caught a few of the policy-speak words flying around, like ‘resettlement’, ‘reintegration’ and ‘rehabilitation’. Are words like this really useful?

  13. Chris’s blog: Nobody told me there’d be days like these

    A bittersweet evening at LandWorks, as a stunningly successful fundraiser is tempered by some heartbreaking news.

  14. Chris’s blog: M8s

    Two men on a train appear to have nothing in common. However, it soon transpires they share a mutual bond…

  15. Chris’s blog: Which came first?

    ‘Transforming Rehabilitation’ continues to roll out, and so far it seems to be a case of ‘making omelettes and cracking eggs’…